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Nudge prospects 2023 - focus on safety, sustainability and sales

Nudging, is a concept from behavioral economics and design thinking that involves using small, subtle cues in our surroundings to influence people's decision-making and actions, has gained significant attention in recent years. Today, many organizations use nudging as a way to accelerate change and generate results.
In 2023, we predict the use of nudging will continue to grow, as more organizations and governments recognize the potential benefits of this approach. Areas where we especially see nudging as a growing trend, lie within 1) safety, 2) sustainability and 3) sales:

1) Nudge to safety at the workplace

Being based on a user-centric approach, nudging is an effective tool to optimize safety at workplaces. It is our experience that more and more organizations within especially manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and logistics are making safety their top priority and setting ambitious targets of zero workplace injuries. This however requires a more holistic approach that takes the everyday lives and habits of workers into consideration when adding small cues into the design of the surroundings to eliminate workplace injuries, ensuring the right usage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and, ensure a high level of focus amongst employees

2) Nudge to sustainability in retail

Since the introduction of the nudge concept, sustainability is an area where nudging has been known to facilitate change within e.g. waste management. In 2023 we see it being adopted especially by retailers, ornagizations within fast-moving consumer goods, and logistic companies (within e.g. aviation). Here a nudge-led approach is being used to make it easy for consumers and employees to e.g. reduce food waste, reduce single-use plastic, ensure correct waste management and make sustainable(and healthy) choices easy. More specifically, the nudge approach will be used to optimize product- and package- designs, in-store, and POS- layout/design, operational systems, and processes as well as optimizing layout within workplaces.

3) Nugde to increase sales of e.g. sustainable products

Already now, we see a growing demand for nudges and behavior change programs to help increase sales within both B2B and B2C. Here the main focus lies on e.g. building strong business cases on how to increase conversion to sustainable products and empower consumers to serve themselves on digital platforms and in physical instore environments - increasing sales of products like refillables, food storage to reduce food waste and other kinds of climate-friendly consumer goods.

All in all, we see a 2023 where behavior change programs and nudge-led approaches will play a crucial role in the way businesses implement strategic goals, and KPI´s to accelerate results. To gain more industry insights on nudging and our behavior change programs reach out or follow the link in the comments.

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