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Duration: 2-6 months depending on data access, integration as well as implementation resources



  • A process with a behavioral analysis and the development of practical nudges to change behavior measurably


  • Both generic and customized behavioral tools


  • Scalable solutions developed to address global challenges 


  • Optimization of user journey, services and products 


  • Unique behavioral insights, mapping of barriers, evidence-based solutions and documented short/long-term effects


A  typical project consists of 3 steps:


  • Mapping behavior and challenges: By using observations and collecting data we analyze the existing behavior and situations as well as map out barriers in the situation. By doing so, we gain a better understanding of what prevents a positive change in behavior. Based on this we recommend a behavioral strategy for the development of specific nudging solutions

  • Development and design of solutions: Based on the behavioral mapping and strategy we select a focus area for the development of solutions for implementation and test 

  • Test and documentation: Relevant and implementable solutions will be tested with the focus on documenting effect and building a business case

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Development of behavioral design and solutions to improve workspaces in a specific area


A specific challenge is identified in a project process and will be the focus for the development of scalable solutions. Through behavioral investigation, mapping of consumer behavior, barriers and entry points we create a solid focus for the following design process. 


A project is ideal if you want an evidence-based process to build the business case and following the development process from

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