Nudging healthier

food habits

Client: Salling Group (Bilka)

Year: 2015


Bilka had been looking for innovative ways of improving their sales and market share and had also been keeping an eye on a growing trend suggesting that an increasing number of people wanted to eat healthily. They wanted to encourage customers to buy more vegetables for their children’s daily lunch and more healthy snacks. Subtle changes led to a significant increase in the purchase of healthy food.


Bilka wanted us to come up with some solutions that would create a better customer experience for their health-conscious customers, which ultimately would lead to higher levels of customer loyalty and improved long-term revenue streams.


After an initial study of the shopping behavior at Bilka, we found that parents typically begin their shopping routine for their children’s lunches in the cold cuts section of the supermarket and that their initial choices had an astonishing effect on the other products that ended up in their kids’ lunch boxes. Thus, we made a few changes to this section of the supermarket: Pictures of a lunch box combining cold cuts and vegetables were strategically placed in order to prime customers to think of vegetables as a natural part of their kids’ lunch exactly at the moment when the customer was called upon to make their decision. 


Further, the vegetables displayed in the pictures were physically placed in the cold counters next to the cold cuts making it easy for the customers to follow through on the behavior suggested by the priming elements.


These changes led to an average sales increase of 83% for those vegetables. This number could very likely have been higher, but Bilka actually ran out of some of the vegetables during the experiment, due to the sales being much higher than anticipated. And the supermarket also received very positive feedback from the customers, following the changes we introduced to the shopping environment.

Increase in healthy food sales:

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