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Nudging to ensure self-service and increase customer satisfaction and sales


Client: Telenor - Nordic retailer 

“The nudges optimized the in-store environment and made self-service easy and intuitive”.

Anja Lehmann Roed, Head of Channel Development and  Specialists, Telenor Denmark


Telenor serves a broad range of customers across all demographics and ages. At the same time the traffic in the shops are high which

call for self-service concepts for making the e.g. subscription
process easy. Before launching the self-service store, customers found it hard to serve themselves and would ask for help amongst

the in-store staff, with task like selecting accessories, setting up
subscription and answering simple support question on e.g. how to switch on their cellphone. This left staff overworked and not able to allocate time needed for each customer and customer satisfaction low. Furthermore, the potential for sale of accessories not exploited.

More and more retailers are exploring new opportunities within self-service and digitalization of in-store customer experiences. To ensure an intuitive self-service experience while purchasing cellphones, accessories and subscriptions, Telenor – the second largest telecommunication company

in Denmark, created a test store. The store was designed

to empower customers purchasing or repairing cellphones to get a pleasant, safe, and fast self-service experience.

The assignment and approach

To make sure the self-service experience was intuitive and easy Telenor asked Krukow to develop nudge solutions that would help guide customers safe and effective through the purchase of a
cellphone, accessories, receiving online support or setting up a subscription. Nudge solutions that would empower customers

to navigate effortless through the physical store and digital sales
processes. Solutions that were scalable and could help accelerate the implementation of self-service while increasing the sales in Telenor stores. Through field visits and research, we identified
the right key decision moments where nudge-solutions could make self-service easier. Based on insights on customer behavior and sales interaction data we designed visual and intuitive nudges
solutions that made physical and digital navigation and self-service, easier.

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