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Duration: A half or full-day workshop

The workshop will give you:


  • A basic introduction to behavioral design, behavioral principles, insights and methods for developing nudging solution


  • An introduction to practical cases and examples where behavioral design has created a measurable change in organizations 


  • An interactive session with the focus on behavioral change related to a specific topic relevant for the participants

Behavioural Nudging Workshops | København, Danmark | Krukow Design



  • Basic understanding of behavioral design and nudging theories and how the approach can add value to internal and external processes as well as methods to the development of nudging solutions


  • Defined focus areas and challenges where the behavioral design approach can create measurable change 

Behavioural Nudging Workshops | København, Danmark | Krukow Design


Identify and prioritize focus areas for applying behavioral design

During a one-day workshop and through practical and visual examples, we introduce the participants to nudging and behavioral design as a way to improve and change behavior. Participants are introduced to a series of step-by-step methods within communication and design thinking as ways to transfer psychological principles into intuitive and scalable design solutions.  

Moreover, by using practical exercises the participants are facilitated through a prioritization of relevant focus areas and challenges in their own organization. 

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