Through a nudge-led approach we help companies and government reach ambitious KPI´s and goals. We provide full-service behavior change programs, optimizing behavior internally in organizations and externally for customers and citizens. We are determined to make the right decisions easy and facilitate measurable changes in behavior – for employees, customers, and citizens alike.

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Sille is the Funding Partner of Krukow behavior change consultancy, using behavior-led approaches to help global businesses unlock business potentials and deliver on commercial targets within sales, adaptation and performance. For the past 15 years’ Sille has been working with corporations like P&G, Heineken, Nespresso, COOP and Electrolux measurably nudging consumers, towards more better decision-making and generating great business results.

She is an internationally acknowledged though leader within the field of behavioral design, nudging, and effective consumer communication and has been designing change across global industries.

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Alexander is co- founder of Krukow; a global behavior change consultancy that uses a behavior-led approach to optimize consumer decisions toward sustainable lifestyles and business results. Alexander uses psychology combined with behavior change strategies to make the right decisions easy – for employees and customers alike. He has a broad experience in executing projects with a behavior-led approach in both the retail, airline, and health care industry. He helps international businesses and governmental institutions to analyze, develop, and implement solutions for measurable impact and results.

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While changing behavior with leading brands and organizations, you will contribute and grow quickly. With us, you’ll work with top-notch senior profiles within nudging, design, behavioral economics, business strategy and project management. While working in small teams, you will be given significant client responsibilities from day one. Responsibilities that will help you develop valuable leadership and behavioral design skills. Our team-based approach is an indication of our commitment to mentorship and your unequalled opportunity to grow your career. 

At Krukow & Company you will find yourself welcomed into an inclusive, young, international atmosphere, committed to cultivating a professional, and rewarding place to work. As part of our work, we travel and engage with global communities while investigating behavioral potentials across the globe. Beyond work, we have a close-knit and lively social life and gather frequently for Friday bars, social events and office parties. 

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