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The Benefits of Behavior Change Tools:

Our team puts together tools, guides and frameworks that make it easier for everyone to nudge and adopt better habits. The benefits of behavior led strategies, visual prototypes and solutions are:

Qualified Solutions

Qualified solutions deliver targeted approaches that are both efficient and effective, addressing specific challenges through evidence-based strategies. These solutions enhance user satisfaction, improve decision-making processes, ensure scalability and sustainability, and provide a competitive edge.

Behavior-Led Colors, Icons and Sounds

Certain colors, Icons and scents can influence and trigger subconscious moods, behaviors, and perception. Enhancing user experiences and simplifying complex actions or concepts.

Qualified Comms and Design Guidelines

Behavior-led comms and design guidelines are essential tools that guarantee consistency, clarity, and alignment with brand values. These guidelines facilitate more efficient and impactful user experiences, enhance brand loyalty, and strengthen brand recognition.

Measurable Impact

Measurable impact provides clear insights into the effectiveness of strategies and initiatives, enabling data-driven decision-making, optimization of resources, and demonstration of value to stakeholders.

Evidence Based Change Strategies

Evidence-based change strategies provide credibility, effectiveness, and customization, ensuring that messages resonate with audiences, drive desired outcomes, and produce measurable results.

Harvesting Low Hanging Fruits

Behavior design focuses on easy, low-cost changes in our surroundings that can make a big difference. Simple tweaks, like changing how things are arranged, can help improve things like productivity and well-being without much effort or expense.

Delivery exampels:

Behavior design strategies & principles

Behavior design guidelines

Prototype visualization & description

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