Client: Telenor

Ensuring connectivity and innovating self-service within the telecommunication retail industry

Telecommunication companies selling cellphones are instrumental in driving digital connectivity and shaping the Scandinavian retail market. Their diverse product offerings, expansive network coverage, and commitment to technological innovation contribute to the region’s digital transformation. By providing reliable mobile services, facilitating access to the latest smartphones, and enabling seamless connectivity, these companies empower individuals, businesses, and society as a whole to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Innovating self-service and sales in the retail industry

More and more retailers within telecommunication are exploring new opportunities within self-service and digitalization of in-store customer experiences. To ensure an intuitive self-service experience while purchasing cellphones, accessories, and subscriptions, Telenor – one of the largest telecommunication companies in Scandinavia – launched a test based behavior change program to develop innovative and user centric self-service store and web shop concepts. Concepts designed to empower customers purchasing or repairing cellphones to get a pleasant, safe, and efficient self-service experience.

Diverse customers groups requires an approach that take different behavioral preferences into consideration

Telenor serves a broad range of customers across all demographics and ages. The customer-volume in their instore shops are high, which means that self-service concepts should cater to many different behavioral preferences when making e.g., subscription process easier. Before launching the new self-service concepts, customers found it difficult to serve themselves and would ask in-store staff for help with tasks like selecting accessories, setting up subscription, and answering simple support question on e.g., how to turn on their cellphone. This left staff overworked and not able to allocate enough time for each customer, resulting in low customer satisfaction and decreasing turnover. Furthermore, the potential for sale of accessories went unexploited.

The assignment and approach

To ensure intuitive self-service concepts making the customer experience pleasant and easy Telenor asked Krukow to optimize instore layouts, Point-Of-Sales materials, Space management and digital flow in the digital self service platforms. Solutions and concepts that were impactful at a scale scalable and could help accelerate the implementation of self-service on a national level. Based on insights from field visits and behavioral analysis visual and intuitive instore and digital self-service concepts were developed, implemented and tested.

Measurably increasing sales and customer satisfaction

By introducing physical and digital nudge concepts for Telenor in-store environments, we increased sales of selected cell phones by 40% and accessories by more than100 %. Lastly, we increased customer satisfaction by 65%. Self-service has become an essential component of the telecommunications industry, offering numerous advantages to both customers and service providers. Through self-service solutions, customers gain convenience, control, and flexibility, while telecommunication companies benefit from operational efficiencies, cost savings, and enhanced customer satisfaction. As technology continues to advance, self-service will play an increasingly vital role in shaping the telecommunications landscape, driving digital transformation, and meeting the evolving needs of consumers.

“The nudges optimized the in-store environment and made self-service easy and intuitive”.

Anja Lehmann Roed, Head of Channel Development and Specialists, Telenor Denmark