Client: Electrolux Group

Transforming appliance usage for a sustainable future

Nudge to ensure sustainable decision making and consumer lifestyle

A sustainable vision for appliance usage

Driven by advanced technology and growing sustainability concerns, the appliances industry plays a crucial role in modern living and business operations in the Western world. From kitchen appliances to laundry machines and heating/cooling systems, appliances have become essential for households, commercial settings, and various industries. As consumer demands evolve, there is a rising emphasis on energy efficiency, convenience, and connectivity, especially among tech-savvy individuals. Additionally, governments and consumers are increasingly prioritizing sustainability. In line with these changing demands, Electrolux Group, a prominent player in the household appliance industry, has taken a proactive stance in promoting sustainable living. Recognizing the critical role consumer behavior plays in achieving sustainable outcomes, Electrolux Group has partnered with Krukow to support conscious and sustainable decision-making within the usage of home appliances, particularly the AEG, model 9000 series. This collaboration showcases how Electrolux Group is going beyond selling appliances and actively promoting sustainable practices, supported by intuitive interfaces and impactful nudges. According to recent statistics*, the global beer market is projected to grow from $768,17 billion in 2021 to $989,48 billion in 2028, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 3,68% in the period. Such figures indicate the industry’s substantial presence and the demand for beer among consumers.

“We have ambitious but achievable objectives and I look forward to the journey ahead to drive positive change both at Electrolux and in the daily lives of our consumers.”

Vanessa Butani, VP Group Sustainability at Electrolux Group

Challenges and ambitions: Guiding consumers towards sustainability

While Electrolux appliances are inherently designed for sustainability, a significant challenge lies in consumers’ ingrained habits and behaviors. When replacing an old appliance, most consumers are eager to resume their daily routines promptly, often resulting in the same non-sustainable practices. Electrolux aims to break this cycle by guiding consumers to adopt new, sustainable habits through their appliance usage. The focus of this project was the AEG range, with specific attention given to nudging consumers towards lower temperature washing, utilizing the steam function, and proactively caring for their appliances.

Accelerating behavior change for sustainable washing habits

Our collaboration with Electrolux Group primarily focuses on accelerating behavior change among AEG consumers, encouraging them to embrace sustainable washing habits. By focusing on the initiation and familiarization phase, we aim to enhance the onboarding journey and empower consumers to make sustainable choices effortlessly. Leveraging behavior design and nudging strategies, we sought to make sustainable decisions the natural and easy choice for consumers at various touchpoints throughout their appliance usage.
The project was based on two main sustainable laundry behavior drivers
Choosing sustainable program options
Save on resources and prolong the lives of garments
Adopting maintenance practices and proactively caring for appliances
Maintain hygiene, optimize energy efficiency to ensure optimal appliance performance and extend appliance lifespan
These strategies presented significant opportunities for improvement in laundry behavior, each supported by several design initiatives integrated in the interface of the machine and connected to the users’ smartphone. Making use of intuitive prompts and visual feedback, the project aimed to make is easy for consumers to use Electrolux appliances in effective and sustainable ways.

Empowering consumers for a sustainable future

Electrolux Group’s commitment to sustainable living extends beyond manufacturing energy-efficient appliances. Through our collaborative project, Electrolux has taken a proactive role in empowering consumers to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives. By implementing targeted nudges and behavioral insights, Electrolux has effectively transformed appliance usage into an opportunity for sustainable living. In the household appliance industry, user-friendly appliances play a vital role in promoting sustainable everyday lives for consumers. By prioritizing user-friendliness through a behavior-led approach, the industry becomes better prepared for the future, enabling effective contributions to sustainable practices, long-term value for consumers and the planet, and supporting efforts towards energy and water conservation. The global beer industry’s influence on alcohol consumption is undeniable, with significant economic and social implications. While the industry generates substantial revenue and offers a wide range of products, it is crucial to address the potential consequences of excessive drinking. Heineken’s steps in encouraging responsible behavior, promoting moderation, and fostering awareness about the risks associated with alcohol misuse are vital in the mission to ensure the well-being and health of individuals and societies worldwide. Their story shows that by working together, industry stakeholders, governments, and communities can play a pivotal role in shaping a responsible and balanced drinking culture. *Source: Fortune Business Insights: