Client: DSB

Year: 2018

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With 11.670 daily train departures, 7.400 employees

and 298 stations to run and maintain, DSB (the Danish Railway Company) has an increased focus on safety, satisfaction, and efficiency amongst both employees and travelers. In its work and repair shops, more than 1.400 employees handle heavy duty material when painting and maintaining the trains, which requires a constant development of already high safety standards.


To ensure they keep the high quality in safety protocols and that staff are equipped to handle future need for procedure and behavior change, DSB asked us to assist and train leaders in problem-solving and development of nudges and behavior design specifically for work and repair shops. 

“The Krukow Master Class helped develop employee competences even further and left us with scalable and implementable tools and solutions on how to prevent accidents and improve safety”. 

Christian Myrndorff Health & Safety Leader in DSB


Through a 4-step Master Class program, we trained the participants in “The Krukow Method to Nudging” – a practical approach where participants are co-creating in between sessions so that classroom sessions are based on theoretical input put into practice through real-life developments. This leaves participants able to optimize every- day environments and systems to improve workflow and safety. The Master Class format effectively addresses challenges defined by the participants to ensure internal ownership and long-term implementation within the organization.


To keep up the high safety standards, we trained work and repair leaders on how to identify situations where nudge can help facilitate change and how to design solutions into the general decision-making moments and ensure efficient implementation. We looked specifically at the prevention of work accidents related to the use of protection gear when working in crowded areas, with toxic products and gasses, with heavy duty lifting and safety zones that require extra attention. 


The tangible results from the nudge Master Class can be found on more than one level: Firstly, we helped DSB develop specific and scalable solutions for national work and repair shops; prevented accidents related to high-risk work processes and improved work processes with up to 180%. Secondly, we supported the further development of safety standards to include behavioral targets and boosted the competences of workshop leaders with an ability to work with and measurably improve behavior. 


Improving safety and work environment