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Teach employees to develop and implement behavioral design solutions 


This Master Class program focuses on the development of employee competences that can facilitate future behavioral targeted processes and work actively and practically with nudging. The participants will be facilitated through a hands-on, co-creation development process with the purpose of developing specific solutions to be implemented and scaled across the organization. 


“This Master Class has opened my eyes

for a new approach of changing behavior” 

By Stina Lund, OCM Manager, NNIT

The Master Class program will give you: 



  • In-depth and practical understanding of nudging, behavioral design, behavioral principles as well as methods for the development of nudges


  • Hands-on training in collection of data and mapping out behavior patterns


  • Hands-on training in development of nudging solutions for broad implementation in organizations 


  • Hands-on training in implementation, test, and documentation of solutions in organizations



  • Following the Master Class Program, the participants will have developed, tested and documented solutions


  • The participants are trained in adapting the behavioral design approach to processes in the daily operations. During the program they will learn to convert nudge theories into actual development and behavior change in the daily operations


  • Practical experience with the Krukow methodology – from collecting data and mapping user journeys to develop and testing nudging solutions


  • Based on the results from the Master Class program, the participants will receive a white book with overall insights and guidelines for developed solutions which can be directly used for the future implementation in the organization 

Master Class

Duration: Min. 2 months (min. 2 weeks between each session)

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