Nudge and behavioral change fuels your business and impacts the world

Strategy and business case to clarify potential and focus

Prioritizing focus areas and define strategy

Defining goals/targets

Clarifying business case – investments and effect

User journeys and behavioral patterns to define intervention points 

Behavioral mapping


User Journeys

Field research and documentation 


Definition of intervention points 


Segmentation and target group needs

Design development and nudge solutions to change behavior

Design thinking and tools

Customer and user experiences

Ideation and concept development

Rapid prototyping

Visualization and design

Test setup and impact measurement for continuous improvement 

Ongoing improvement

Test design and protocols

Definition of data points

Evaluation and wide implementation

Case documentation


We are Krukow

Krukow is a global leading behavioral design consultancy founded in Denmark and a trusted business partner. Through our work, we promote applied behavioral science and design solutions for optimizing behavior internally in organizations and externally for customers. Our work centers around optimizing processes and services within sectors reaching from retail, utility, finance, and logistics. 


We are determined to make the right decisions easy to make – for employees and customers alike. We do that by improving key decision-making processes that facilitate an actual change in behavior.


We believe in behavioral change as both a way to generate substantial business results as well as an engine to make the world a better place.


Our work

Nudging to support self-service and increase sales

Improving safety and work environment

Reducing drink driving globally

Nudging better patient flow and satisfaction

Nudging smarter energy use

Nudging better hygienic practices

Nudging correct work procedures

Nudging healthier food habits

Nudging efficient customer service

Nudging to retain employees and talents




“This Master Class has opened my

eyes for a new approach of changing behavior”

By: Stina Lund, OCM Manager, NNIT

Management team

We help businesses design global behavioral change. Our approach is a line of evidence-based methodologies for short and long-term changes combining insights from cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, applied behavioral science and design thinking. We help our clients turn their ambitions and strategies into behavioral change. 

Sille Krukow

Founder & Behavioral Expert

Julie Møller Lønhart



Advisory board

Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri

Professor Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri holds a BSc in Psychology of Communication from the University of Siena, a MSc  in Social Research Methods from the Methodology Institute of the London School of Economics (LSE) and PhD in Social Psychology from LSE. He has been a Scientific Fellow with the EU Commission. Giuseppe runs cross-cultural experimental studies with governmental and international institutions and companies like Facebook, Amazon and Samsung.  He has worked on how to increase safety for children in the gaming industry, implement sustainability in consumer experiences and responsibility in the public services. He has published many articles in scientific journals such as Nature, PLOS One, Computers in Human Behavior, Public Understanding of Science, Big Data and Society.


“I believe that by combining different disciplines within social science, big data and behavioral research, we can enter new digital horizons where the use of applied science can help create a more sustainable world”


Contribution to Krukow:

Giuseppe has been a long-time scientific inspiration to Krukow. He supports Krukow on projects with cutting edge consumer insights within applied social science, data collection, and methodologies.


Michelle Bauer Carpenter

Associate Professor Michelle Bauer Carpenter is the Visual Arts Department Chair at the University of Colorado Denver. She is an Expert in sustainable and digital innovation and design which she has studied and documented for decades. Michelle has produced and directed several award-winning documentaries on how design can help drive sustainable and responsible change. Her latest documentary Enough White Teacups examines and document some of the world’s most innovative design solutions and looks at their ability to facilitate sustainable lifestyles and behaviors. Since 2014 we have worked closely with Michelle while running Behavioral Design and Nudge-classes at CU Denver.


“Designers today hold the key to change and improve the world. My job is to help young designers realize their full potential and help meaningful solutions come alive by documenting and showing the world the full potential of design.”


Contribution to Krukow:

Michelle has since 2014 had a close collaboration with Krukow. She uses the Krukow methodology in her training of behavioral designers and supports Krukow with insights on groundbreaking digital design, insights and cases.


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