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We aimed for the ultimate website, but let’s face it: we’re too busy being passionate about behavioral design and crafting solutions in retail, workplace safety, and sustainability to perfect our web presence. So we left that to the AI and internet pros. Enjoy browsing – and don’t hesitate to reach out for human contact!

What we can do for you

We specializes in nudging and behavioral design, or what we like to call “very clever tricks”, that spark significant changes and business results. Our goal? to transform the world into a safer and more sustainable place.

What our clients say

“The behavior change solutions developed by Krukow created a foundation upon which we can increase conversion and increase sales to sustainable products moving forward."
Emily Overton
R&D Vice President Hair Care at Procter & Gamble
“With a focus on customer behavior, we have in just six months successfully reached the level of CO2 emissions from the sale of food, which according to our plan should apply to all COOP's stores in 2030. Furthermore, the test store has sold 50% more salads, reduced food waste by 60 %. While the test store's turnover, profit and earnings have improved during the test period.”
Jonas Engberg
Head of Climate, COOP
“The prospects of a more holistic approach to hand safety is highly favorable. By offering comprehensive safety solutions that includes nudges to addresses the root causes of hand injuries we support our clients in implementing a safety-conscious work culture. We belive this has the potential to set a new standards across industries.”
Joe Geng
Vice President, Superior Glove

Behavioral design, Nudging, Choice Architecture, Applied Behavioral Science, User centric design, Qualitative research...

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